2017 Retrospective


At the beginning of March 2017 the participation guidelines are published and the National and International Call is announced on the official website www.fesancor.cl, in Spanish and English.

Many sites devoted to film and culture replicated the call, as in previous years. On the Facebook page of Fesancor, the progress and scope of participation was discussed.

Originally Fesancor had its beginning the last week of October, however this time it had to be changed for the last week of September at the request of the Cineteca itself, which generated a certain disorientation of the public and filmmakers with their national and foreign teams.

Opening: from the publication of the bases.
Closing: August 1, 2017.
By August they had received over 2500 short films from 56 countries.

95 short films were selected in the four categories of the festival (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation)


  • Fesancor for its 25th anniversary received an official delegation of five members from the Kino Forum of Mexico.
  • The Director of Fesancor, Jaime Muñoz, traveled especially to France and Germany, where he visited and generated agreements with local festivals.


Last year for the twenty-fifth anniversary of Fesancor, the festival took place in several locations.
In the first instance as every year it took place in the National Cineteca of Chile, both in the Cinema Room and in the Microcinema Room. At the same time, the festival was held at the Cultural Park of Valparaíso, and simultaneously (delayed) in the city of Puerto Montt.


Professor at the Art School of the Catholic University, in the area of Cinema and Photography.

Academic Writer of the Finis Terrae University.

President of Increpa Cultural Coorporación, filmmaker, academic and researcher of the University of Chile.

Academic of the Institute of Visual Arts of the Austral University of Chile, and renowned visual artist.

Filmmaker, Cultural Mediator and in charge of the Cinema area of the National Cineteca of Chile.

Filmmaker, Documentalist, Journalist, Creator of the National Cinematography of Chile, and above all a great friend of Fesancor since its inception.


The inauguration of the twenty-fifth Fesancor festival took place at the National Cinematheque of Chile, located at Plaza de la Ciudadanía No. 26, La Moneda Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile. The doors were opened for the start of activities on September 25 at 8:00 pm with an excellent participation of the public. The closing ceremony was held on October 2, with very positive results for Fesancor.

The president of the Jury, Omar Vega, highlighted the importance of this event taking into account the role of the short film in the construction of a national cinematography.

The Executive Producer, Cristian Mendez, referred to the march of the festival and the parallel activities that took place in the different meeting places: Santiago, Maipú, Valparaiso and Puerto Montt.

Jaime Muñoz, Director of Fesancor, thanked the many volunteers collaborating both Chileans and foreigners, as well as the Chilean National Cineteca for welcoming us with the usual friendship.
For the occasion, some short films were screened and then a wine of honor was invited.


For the 25th anniversary, Fesancor had the great help of TVN, for the diffusion of its advertising spot, which allowed the festival to have a national presence. In addition, there was programming by the La Moneda Cultural Center, as well as on Facebook and other social networks.
However, we could confirm that the date change of the Festival confused the public of Fesancor that for years was the last week of October.


As well as every year the main base of the contest is to show, debate, and reward the shorts. However, the dialogue between the public, the filmmakers, producers and the festival has been growing positively in importance, since the public can thus participate closely in the proposals for the construction of works. It is about going beyond a simple “I like or do not like it”, for that reason we propose to discover together the author’s proposal, the resources he uses, his play with the language, the actors, guiding the formation of the public from the experience of the viewer in the room. This policy is legitimized by the very formation in the audiovisual that its organizers and promoters possess.

  • The competition separates the national works from the international ones and thus puts in value the national team.
  • The program presents the four participating formats: Animation, Documentary, Experimental and Fiction.
  • The Competition was held between September 25 and October 2.
  • All the films received in non-Spanish language were subtitled to Spanish


We want to highlight the effort successfully made to project Fesancor n ° 25 in its entirety and in parallel and simultaneous way in Santiago and Valparaiso.

This year we had the visit of a Mexican delegation composed of filmmakers and producers of the Guanajuato Film Group (CCG) that carried out two intensive short documentary workshops at the A-28 Emilia Toro High School in Balmaceda and experimental at the Liceo Experimental Artístico de Maipú . The productions were exhibited during the closing ceremony of the festival.
After the festival, the Lab // KinoRoom Valparaíso Short Film Lab was held. Laboratory of collaborative short film production that added more than a dozen filmmakers who filmed shorts of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental for a week.

We should also mention the presence of filmmakers from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, France, who came to Fesancor by their own means and who joined our reflections discovering a festival that is also a meeting place, training, exchange of experiences and the emergence of productive projects.