Training and Dissemination

It has been said that a word, when it is too long, risks being confused and lose its meaning, but when it is too short it can weaken its sensitiveness and lose emotion. This is how the short film is always struggling with capricious forces.

We want to make an effort this year to share our “caprices” with all the regions that request it: Municipalities, Cultural Centers, Training Centers, Workshops, Schools, Universities, but also with cultural entities from sister countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay.
Valparaíso, the Metropolitan Region and Puerto Montt have been our test experiences.

It should be noted that Fesancor receives over 2 thousand shorts from more than 50 countries that make up a large stock available to anyone who requests it, respecting their rights, agreements and modalities of viewing. We try to expand Fesancor from its own catalog to be available to all those who wish to join us in this cultural adventure where watching and commenting on the film is the best start to take off with their own wings.

We wait for you